Patrick White

Patrick White is a local Poet, Writer and Artist and former poet laureate of Ottawa (1987).

In an interview by Steve Forster, the Kingston Whig-Standard, March 28, 1998, Patrick White said:

"My finest achievement, overall, and the one that means the most to me is that, after 30 years, I am still as intent on being the poet I set out to be as a young man."

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His many awards include:

  1. Graduated in 1973 with an Honours BA in English from University of Victoria, along with the school's Benny Nichols Award for Creative Writing.

  2. 1978 - Canadian Literature Award

  3. 1987 - Poet Laureate of Ottawa (3 years)

  4. 1989 - Archibald Lampman Poetry Award

  5. 1989 - Milton Acorn People's Poet Silver Medal

His writings which have been translated into French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic include books of poetry:

  1. Habitable Planets - Cormanant Books

  2. The God in the Rafters - Borealis Press

  3. Homage to Victor Jara - Steel Rail Publishing

  4. Orpheus on Highbeam - Anthos Publishing

Many of his paintings reflect the scenery of the Perth area.

Read a collection of Patrick’s latest Poetry

Patrick initiated the Anthos Literary Fest in Perth

        Anthos Literary Fest #2

16 October - Featuring the Chilean poets, Arturo Fernando Lazo, Erik Franklin Martinez and Luciano Díaz (left to right in photo).

Luciano P. Díaz was born in Santiago de Chile. Lives in Canada since 1978. His books include The Stops Of A Phantom Train (Ottawa: Girol Books, 1990) and The Thin Man And Me (Ottawa: Split Quotation, 1994) Editor of Symbiosis: An Intercultural Anthology Of Poetry (Ottawa: Girol Books, 1992) an example of Canada’s wide literary spectrum and Symbiosis In Prose: An Anthology Of Short Fiction (Ottawa: Split Quotation, 1995). In 1995 he was guest editor of ARC, one the most prestigious publications linked to poetry in Canada for an entire issue dedicated to Chilean Canadian poetry. He is the only Latin-American Canadian poet to appear in the highly prestigious literary magazine Casa de las Amicas on an special issue on Canadian poetry published in the year 2000 which includes a article by Cuban president Fidel Castro. He is also, co-director Alter Vox literary magazine. His book poetry Nomads will be published in the near future, also the Spanish version of the Thin Man and Me (El Flaco y yo) will be published shortly. He has participated in various international poetry symposiums and festivals in Mexico, Toronto, Boston, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Kingston, Quebec, North Carolina and others. Recently he was part of the Anthology of poetry Poetas Sin Fronteras. (Madrid: Verbum, 2000) published in Spain. He has translated into English three volumes of poetry and is the co-founder of El Dorado Literary series.

Erik Franklin Martinez was born in Santiago, Chile, and studied Spanish Literature at the University of Chile. As an undergraduate there, participated in a poetry group that had a vanguardist program, called the Santiago School (together with Jorge Etcheverry, Julio Piñones and Naim Nomez), whose works appeared in several publications, the best known of which is 33 nombres claves de la poesía chilena (Santiago: Editorial Zig-Zag, 1968). In 1974, immigrated to Canada, soon after General Augusto Pinochet's military coup against the socialist government of Salvador Allende. Master of Arts (Spanish Literature) from Queen's University, Kingston, Canada, with a thesis on Vicente Huidobro's Altazor. Has taught literature and translation at Queen's University, University of Western Ontario and University of Ottawa. In a collective effort with other Chilean writers in exile, founded Ediciones Cordillera in Ottawa, Canada, a publishing house that produced several books by Chilean writers between 1978-1997. Eduardo Anguita, a well known and influential Chilean author and literary critic, included him in his Nueva Antolog de poes castellana (Santiago: Editorial Universitaria, 1981); was also included in Antología de poesía chilena contemporánea (Santiago: Editorial Zig-Zag, 1984. Arteche, Scarpa, Massone Eds.). In 1985, published Tequila Sunrise (Ottawa: Ediciones Cordillera, 1985) a book of poetry. Also, his poems have appeared in other anthologies and journals from Chile, Canada, Germany and other countries. Has lectured on Latin American literature, poetry and translation (Kaddish by Allen Ginsberg) at several symposia and professional meetings in Canada and the United States. Presently is a translator with the Translation Bureau, Federal Government of Canada.

Arturo Fernando Lazo was born in Santiago de Chile. He left his country in 1973 and lives in Ottawa, since1974. Studies in engineering at Universidad de Santiago in 1973. He has published a book of poems titled Soledad y Olvido / Solitude and Oblivion (Ottawa: Verbum Veritas, 2002). His poetry has also appeared in Arc, Graffito, Alter Vox, Remembered Earth, the anthology Beneath the Harvest Moon (USA) and in Boreal - Antología de poesía latinoamericana en Canadá Ottawa: Split Quotation-Verbum Veritas, 2001), edited by poets Luciano P. D젺 and Jorge Etcheverry. He has participated in readings at various Canadian Universities. He is a co-founder of the reading series of El Dorado.

Also see A Brief Overview of Chilean Literature in Ottawa by Jorge Etcheverry.

      Anthos Literary Fest #1

A featured guest was Charles Fisher - the last surviving member of the welsh group of poets and intellectuals that included Dylan Thomas and Vernon Watkins.

See for more information on Charles Fisher.

Other readers included Pauline Gauthier, a local writer...

                                                                  and Patt Ennis

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Patrick White - Poet, Writer, Artist

"Charles Fishers was part of Swansea's 'Kardomah Boys' named after the Kardomah Cafe of prewar Castle Street in Swansea. This was the rendezvous point for a group of young talented artists/writers during the early 1930's. Among their number were, along with Charles Fisher, Dylan Thomas , the composers Daniel Jones and Thomas Warner, the artists Fred Janes and Mervyn Levy, broadcaster Wynford Vaughan-Thomas, fellow poet Vernon Watkins. Over coffee, this circle of artists and writers enthusiastically discussed and argued the virtues of art and the modern media."

On September 18 the very first Anthos Literary Fest featuring local poets and writers presenting some of their latest works. Leading the session was local poet/artist Patrick White - former Poet Laureate of Ottawa and former editor of the literary journal Anthos. Patrick is known for his many Poetry Collections such as "Orpheus on Highbeam". An open stage allowed new talent to present their works.